The Padel-PIN (Padel Player Identification Number) is brought to you by the International Padel Federation, the world governing body of Padel.

All players who wish to compete in FIP official tournaments are required to have a valid Padel PIN Membership.

As well as allowing players to play in FIP tournaments, Padel-PIN Membership provides access to Setteo and its international Padel Community. Your FIP Membership Card with your Padel-PIN number are available for download from your Setteo profile at any time…

The Padel-PIN is free-of-charge in 2017. It is valid for one year until December 31st of each year and must be renewed accordingly.

Only players afiliated to FIP recognised national Padel association can get a Padel-PIN
You can request directly your PAdel-PIN to your national Padel association