World Padel Open.

The World Open Championships, male and female, will be held every two (2) years coinciding with the odd-numbered years.

The Main Draw of the World Open Championships is currently reserved to the best thirty two (32) male doubles and the best twenty four (24) female doubles, with direct access of some pre-classified pairs due to their position in the Official FIP Individual Ranking, and others doubles winners of Qualifying and Pre-Qualifying Rounds.
The World Open Championships is performed along a quit two weeks, divided in pre-qualifying and qualifying phases and main draw.

The players could select the partner in a complete free way, without nationality restrictions, but all players need to have a licence issued by an affiliated National Association / Federation, and also obtained the corresponding Padel PIN.

Exists the possibility reserved to the affiliated National Federations and Associations better classified in the Official FIP Ranking for National Teams, to sign-up a double of players of the own citizenship, and obtain from the FIP some economical help benefits.