Welcome Mr. Eduardo Langer!

We officially acknowledge the change in the President position of the COBRAPA ( Confederação Brasileira de Padel ). We officially welcome Mr. Eduardo Langer as the new President of the COBRAPA and we wish all the best for him and his new Board. We are sure we will continue our fair cooperation, as it was with Mrs. Denise Ohlweiler during her Presidency period.

FIP wants to express the greatest gratitude to Mrs. Denise Ohlweiler for the great work in the padel development in Brazil and all the World. Our big thank you Mrs. Denise!

Mrs. Denise will continue providing support to COBRAPA Board in the brazilian padel activity and all the World. It´s a big pleasure to have such behaviour from the brazilian past-President, fact that we want to highlight.  It’s time to continue working together on the padel development in Brazil. Welcome Mr. Eduardo Langer. Bem-vindo!

FIP visits Uruguay

After visits to Paraguay to continue working for the 2018 World Championships and to Brazil with the presence in the South American Amateur Championships 2017, the FIP President Mr. Daniel Patti went to Uruguay to carry out a series of meetings with various national authorities and continue with the government efforts to support the FIP Champions Cup.

At the headquarters of the National Sports Secretary of the city of Montevideo there was a meeting between the National Undersecretary of Sports Mr. Alfredo Etchandy, the Coordinator of the Federated Sports Area Mr. Alberto Espasandin, the FIP President Mr. Daniel Patti and the AAP ( Padel Association in Uruguay ) President Mr. Diego Miller. As a backdrop to the meeting, the picture with the historic Final of the first World soccer Championship celebrated in 1930 that faced Argentina-Uruguay symbolized perfectly the friendly relations of the FIP with the uruguayan national authorities.


After the meeting in Montevideo, Mr. Daniel Patti traveled to Punta del Este. At the headquarters of the Departmental Intendancy of the city of Maldonado, a strategic meeting was held to define the possibility of taking the FIP Champions Cup to Punta del Este in March 2018. The meeting was attended by the General Director of Sports and Events Mr. Martin Laventure, the Director of Events and Sports Promotion Mr. Marcelo Inzaurralde Cano, the General Deputy Director of Sports and Events Mr. Jose Martin Hualde, the FIP President Mr. Daniel Patti and the AAP ( Padel Association in Uruguay ) President Mr. Diego Miller.

The visit to Uruguay concluded with the attendance to the opening of a course of the technical Training Program of the AAP, carried out by Nito Brea in the Padel Cristal club in Punta del Este. At the beginning of this course and accompanied by the AAP President Mr. Diego Miller, the FIP President Mr. Daniel Patti had a friendly talk with the attendees to inform them both of the latest details about the project to bring the FIP Champions Cup to Uruguay  how about the interesting initiatives and projects that the FIP has for the year 2018.

2nd Asian Padel Tournament

For Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 of February, the JPA ( Japanese Padel Association ) and the APF ( Australian Padel Federation ) prepare the 2nd Asian Padel Tournament, a friendly match that will take place in Goldcoast, a coastal city 70 kilometers south from Brisbane, Australia.

A japanese team consisting of 6 players and 6 players, 12 players in total, will travel to Australia to play the 2nd Asian Padel Tournament. On Saturday 10, the male and female teams of Australia and Japan will face each other in a series of matches and on Sunday 11, mixed matches will take place to finish with a mini Tournament.

The first edition of the Asian Padel Tournament took place in the city of Bangkok, Thailand, in February 2017. A friendly match between Japan and Thailand, where each team participated with a total of 14 players ( 8 men + 6 women ). The victory was for Japan in male ( Kazuki Toyoda / Yuhei Kawabata ) and female ( Yuuka Tanigawa / Yuka Uehara ).

JPA and APF are in permanent contact, taking care of all the details so that this friendly meeting at the beginning of the year is a success. One more step, in the good relations of friendship of the two Federations of Asia Pacific, that continue working for the padel development in their respective countries and adding efforts for the padel globalization.


Amateurs conquered South America

From December 1 to 3 was held in Bento Gonçalves, Brazil, the 2017 South American Amateur Padel Championships, organized by COBRAPA ( Brazilian Confederation of Padel ). Amateurs players of Argentina ( APA ), Paraguay ( FEPARPA ), Uruguay ( AAP ) and Brazil ( COBRAPA ) played this Championships in the official venues of Padel Pro and Paddle One.

A total of 326 registered players, 163 pairs representing their respective countries: Brazil with 66 pairs, Argentina with 38 pairs, Uruguay with 31 pairs and Paraguay with 28 pairs. The Competition was divided into 18 categories, both Male and Female, from 2nd to 6th and from +30 to +55 and was played by National Pairs counting the points for the final classification at the level of National Teams.

A spectacular and emotional Opening Ceremony kicked off the Championship. One by one each selection made its entrance in the central court of Padel Pro waiting for the official parliaments of the authorities present in the act: the Secretary of Tourism of Bento Gonçalves Mr. Rodrigo Ferri Parisotto representing the Mayor of Bento Gonçalves Mr. Guilherme Pazin, Bento Gonçalves Secretary of Youth, Sports and Leisure Mr. Adão Valtamir Atzler, President of the Brazilian Confederation of Padel Mr. Eduardo Langer, FIP President Mr. Daniel Patti, Vice President FIP ​​and President of the Uruguayan Padel Association Mr. Diego Miller, Mr. Sergio Mandrini and Mr. Mathias Mercado representing the President of the Argentinean Padel Association Mr. Oscar Nicastro, Mario Vazquez representing the President of the Paraguayan Federation of Padel Mr. Rubén Duarte and the Partner-Director of the Padel Pro Club Mr. Juliano Bergamini. After the official parliaments to welcome players to the 2017 South American Amateur Padel Championships  was a moment full of emotion when a respectful minute of silence was dedicated in memory of the 44 crew of the Argentine submarine ARA San Juan who died in waters of the South Atlantic.

There were 3 days full of excitement, hundreds of matches and long padel days in search of the title in pairs in each category and adding points for the final classification at the level of National Teams. Check here all the list of Champions of all the categories disputed. At the level of National Teams, in Free Category, Brazil added 680 points, Argentina 660 points and Paraguay 80 points. In the Veterans Category, Argentina added 800 points, Brazil 640 points, Uruguay 340 points and Paraguay 180 points. In the overall calculation adding both categories, Argentina obtained 1480 points, Brazil 1300 points, Uruguay 340 points and Paraguay 260 points. With the Final Ceremony rewarded the effort of the players ended a sensational weekend in Bento Gonçalves, where they have lived days of harmony and great passion of the South American padel amateur. Enjoy with the best images of this 2017 South American Amateur Padel Championships.

Impressive FIP500 Padelshop.com

The Netherlands hosted this past weekend one of the most important FIP ​​Tournaments of the 2017 Calendar. Organized by the NPB ( Nederlandse Padelbond / Dutch Federation of Padel ) and with the support of Padel Academy, this FIP500 Padelshop.com was played in La Playa, club located in the city of Rijswijk and a few kilometers from The Hague.

Many players arrived from different countries of the European continent ( Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Belgium, United Kingdom, Sweden, Greece and The Netherlands ) did not want to miss the appointment. Rounding out the 70 registered pairs and with the participation of relevant names of the professional WPT scene on the courts of La Playa, from Friday to Sunday there was a splendid atmosphere with very good matches full of emotion and a spectacular level of padel in Men’s and Women´s Category.

The Men’s competition started on Friday with the Qualification Round. High level matches, both to access to Final Draw 1/16 to be played from Saturday morning, afternoon in 1/8 and Sunday morning in exciting 1/4. Excellent level in Semifinals: Darek Nowicki / Guga Vazquez 7-5 5-7 7-5 vs Lucas Cunha / Victor Sanchez and Jose Carlos Gaspar / Jorge Ruiz 6-4 6-1 vs Andres Britos / Fermin Ferreyra. In the Grand Final, Jose Carlos Gaspar and Jorge Ruiz defeated Guga Vazquez / Darek Nowicki 6-2 6-2, winning this FIP500 Padelshop.com.

In Women’s Category, Saturday started the competition with the Final Draw of 1/8. Great confrontations in all the rounds until reaching the Semifinals. Carlota Garcia / Laia Bonilla won 6-2 6-1 vs the french-swedish pair Kristina Clement / Antonette Andersson, and Silvia Plasin / Belen Berbel 6-3 7-6 vs Raquel Piltcher / Helena Wyckaert. In a 100% spanish Final, Carlota García / Laia Bonilla won 6-3 6-4 vs Silvia Plasin / Belen Berbel conquering the title FIP500.

Beyond the competition, this FIP500 Padelshop.com has again served as a reunion between players from all over Europe. A fantastic atmosphere that has been lived throughout the weekend in Rijswijk with a great organization by the NPB ( Dutch Padel Federation ), Padel Academy and the club headquarters La Playa. Check all the results of this FIP500 Padelshop.com tournament in Setteo and the best pictures in the photo album.

1st International Arctic-Padel Tournament

With the support of the Finnish Padel Federation from January 19 to 21 will take place the 1st Arctic-Padel International Tournament, Friendly Tournament for Veterans over 45 years of age. The facilities of Padel Club Finland, located in the city of Espoo, will host this historic first edition. An exceptional opportunity to participate in a complete friendly event, with players coming from different countries and participating in different categories: +45, +50 and +55.

This 1st International Arctic-Padel Tournament will be an invitational tournament including up to 8 participant countries. Each team comprising a minimum of 6 players and a maximum of 8 players per age category per men and women.

Categories: 45+ Men & Women / 50+ Men & Women / 55+ Men & Women

Preliminary program:

13.00 Tournament info at Padel Club Finland
13.30 -2
0.00 Matches
20.00 Tapas at Padel Club Finland

10.00 – 19.30 Matches ( 12.00 – 14.00 lunch )
20.00 Sauna, ice swimming in Baltic Sea and dinner at Hernesaaren Löyly

10.00 Finals
12.00 – 14.00 Lunch
14.00 Award ceremony

130 eur / person
Including use of courts, balls, tapas on Friday, lunch on Sat and Sun, sauna and dinner on Sat and the Tournament T-shirt

Registration before 18th of December 2017
mika@padelclub.fi / juha@padelclub.fi

Padel Club Finland, Kutojantie 4, 02630 Espoo,
Indoor padel club with 6 courts ca. 10 km from the Helsinki

Scandic Hotel Espoo ( 300 meters from the club )
76 eur / single room / night
96 eur / double room / night
Tel +358 9 43520 , espoo@scandichotels.com
Please use booking ref: 4637511


The South American padel party

With the final photo of all the participating National Teams, the great party of the padel in South America concluded. In the facilities of Padel San Antonio, Valparaiso Region, Chile, the National Teams of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Chile, played the South American Padel Championships 2017 organized by FEPACHI ( Chile Padel Federation

In the format of all against all, in the Men’s Category, Argentina and Brazil arrived undefeated to the last day. Their final confrontation would crown the Champion. The albiceleste team won with solvency in the direct match proclaiming Champions of the South American 2017. The night before, Chile and Paraguay starred in a confrontation to see who occupied the third step of the podium. After the first point achieved by the paraguayans and the second by the chileans, everything would be decided in a third match, where the host team knew how to suffer to take a historic win and break a 12 year streak against the guaranies.

Final Classification – National Male Teams:

  1. Argentina
  2. Brazil
  3. Chile
  4. Paraguay
  5. Uruguay

In Women’s Category, after the dispute of all the days, the selections of Argentina and Brazil would fight for the definition of the 1st and 2nd place, while Chile and Uruguay would do it for the 3rd and 4th place. In the duel for the title, the argentine team was imposed against the brazilians rising with the prized continental tittle. In the definition for the third place, Uruguay and Chile starred in a series that needed to go to the third match to consecrate a huge success for the uruguayan team, proclaiming third of this South American 2017.

Final Classification – National Female Teams:

  1. Argentina
  2. Brazil
  3. Uruguay
  4. Chile

The activity in South America doesn´t stop, this weekend it moves to Brazil. Organized by Cobrapa ( Brazilian Padel Confederation ), the South American Amateur Padel Championships is held at the facilities of Padel Pro, Bento Gonçalves.

FIP visits Paraguay working for the 2018 World Championships

In the next year Paraguay will host the World Padel Championships 2018. Given the important magnitude of the FIP event, the President of the International Padel Federation Mr. Daniel Patti traveled to Asunción to meet with local authorities and verify the projects that are being developed in the preparation of the World Padel Championships 2018.

At the meeting with the Minister of Sports of Paraguay Mr. Victor Manuel Pecci, the General Director of the National Secretariat of Sports Mr. Bruno Zanotti and the President of the Paraguayan Federation of Padel Mr. Rubén Duarte, the President of the FIP Mr. Daniel Patti was able to verify that everything proceeds according to the planned plans and next to the Paraguayan authorities the secondary offices were visited, dates and details were defined and the seat of the Paraguayan Olympic Committee was visited with the corresponding reception by Ms. Larissa Shaerer, General Secretary of the Paraguayan Olympic Committee.

This visit, apart from knowing and inspecting details for the next World Padel Championships 2018, also serves to support and consolidate the Padel Paraguayan Federation in response to requests from Paraguayan government and sports authorities.

FIP500 Padelshop.com in The Netherlands

Proud to announce this next step for NPB ( Nederlandse Padelbond / Dutch Padel Federation), La Playa, Padel Academy and PadelShop. From December 1 to 3 at La Playa Rijswijk and for the first time a FIP500 Tournament for men and women will be organised in The Netherlands. More prize money, better players and more fun. And big upgrade for the women Tournament ( last year it was FIP100 ). Welcome FIP500 Padelshop.com!

Men: main Draw 32 teams ( main Draw starts Friday )
Women: main Draw 16 teams ( main draw starts Saturday )

Prize money ( prize per team ): Men / Women
Winners 1500 / Winners 1000
Runners up 1000 / Runners up 500
1/2 final 500 / 1/2 final 250
1/4 final 200 / 1/4 final 125
1/8 final 100

Extra info for players:
– La Playa has 4 indoor padel courts ( full panoramic )
– 12 mm Mundo grass ( color blue ), height 8 meters
– running out of court is not possible
– showers and dressing rooms available, restaurant on-site
– no round Robin. If you loose, you are out
– winner gets also 500 points for FIP world ranking
– La Playa offers special meals from €6 – € 8,50
– Semi-final and Final will be with referee
– Final on Sunday starts around 16:00 o’clock
– Semi-finals may not take place at same time
– all matches will be best of 3 sets

Special Hotel Deal:
Grand Winston Hotel ( 5 minutes walking distance from La Playa )
€ 50,- per double room including breakfast! ( valid all week from Wednesday untill Sunday )

Extra services:
– On-site medial attendance, massage, physiotherapist services
– Live-streaming main courts ( with help of the partner PadelMagazine.fr )
– Shuttle service from and to airport ( Rotterdam / The Hague Airport or Amsterdam Schiphol )
– Attention: No shuttle service to or from Eindhoven Airport
– Free water and fruit during Tournament
– Videographer and photographer on-site ( by competing you give La Playa the rights to publish the pictures taken )

Main sponsors / partners:
Rabobank, Volvo Nicam, Grand Winston Hotel, PadelMagazine.fr, PadelAcademy, La Playa, PadelShop.com, HEAD, Black Crown, Starvie, Bullpadel, BB by Felix Mantilla, NPB

Complete info about this FIP500 Padelshop.com Tournament in Setteo.

Daniel Patti: “Excellent Championships”

The president of the International Padel Federation, Mr. Daniel Patti, wanted to take stock of the European Championships 2017 held in Cascais after an intense week of competition.

In words to European Padel Championships, official media responsible for covering the event, Mr. Daniel Patti highlighted the excellent level that has been seen during the days of the Championship and noted the enormous evolution that has been getting the European padel since 1995 the 1st European Padel Championship will be played with 3 participating teams.

Attending the Portuguese media Padel Wall, Mr. Patti expressed the enormous satisfaction of the FIP, both for the success of the Championship and the level offered by each of the participating national teams. In that interview he pointed out the constant growth that padel is experiencing on an international scale and pointed out that work is being done so that in the future the padel can be part of the olympic family at an institutional level and be an exhibition discipline at the Olympic Games of Tokyo 2020 , Paris 2024 or Los Angeles 2028.