Qualifying Rounds Program – 2018 World Championship

We make public the new Information Report referring to the Qualifying Rounds Program for the XIV World Padel Championship 2018. Asunción, capital of Paraguay is preparing to live the World Padel Championship from October 28 to November 4. Check here everything that happens regarding the great world meeting of the padel and all the details about the Qualifying Rounds.


Information Report – Program – Qualifying Rounds WC 2018 download


From June 1 to 3, organized by NPB ( Nederlandse Padelbond ), the FIP250 WebXperience will take place at the facilities of TPC Daalmeer. The city of Alkmaar, located in the province of North Holland in The Netherlands is preparing for the big event.

Last year, NPB Alkmaars Open was played in 3 Male Categories within the NPB Official Calendar. This year is the first time that the Tournament enters into the Official FIP Calendar, adding also the Female Category. Great news for all!

Well-known top players from Spain, Argentina, Germany and another parts of Europe, including the players of the Dutch National Teams will make their appearance in this FIP250 WebXperience Tournament. In addition to the spectacular top matches, there is even more to experience for the spectators and children. See you in Alkmaar to enjoy!


Link Tournament: https://www.setteo.com/torneos/webxperience-fip250-tpc-daalmeer849

Prizes: the same for Male & Female Categories

Champions: € 750 / team
Runners-up: € 500 / team
1/2 finalist: € 250 / team
1/4 finalist: € 100 / team
1/8 finalist: € 50 / team

Official Club:

TPC Daalmeer ( Tennis en PadelCentrum Daalmeer )
Adress: Klaas Bootpad 4-6 1827 CX Alkmaar, Netherlands
Contact: [email protected]

Recommended Hotels:

Special hotel deal with Kings inn City Hotel /Hostel in center Alkmaar. Reservations via [email protected]
Single room €51.80, also hostel rooms for €17.50 a night. Fixed transfers by car from the hotel to the padel club.

Additional information:

– Physiotherapist available
– Live streaming of Tournament on YouTube canal via TPC Daalmeer
– Special party evening with live band, see event: https://www.facebook.com/events/516495752080757/
– Childcare with supervision

HEAD “Official Supplier” of the FIP

Another welcome to the FIP activities that in 2018 launched its Sponsorship & Communication programme.

A company that for several years has accompanied the development of our sport, and has decided to sign an agreement to join its brand to the world’s leading institution of our sport, because has just received confirmation of the test approval of its current three models of balls.

This is the prestigious HEAD brand.

HEAD PADEL, a part of the HEAD Sport GmbH based in Kennelbach, Austria is a global provider and marketer of premium padel apparel, footwear, balls and equipment for athletes of all competitive levels.

Since its launch in the late 1960s, when founder Howard Head first introduced the aluminum tennis racquet, the Racquetsports division’s key products have attained leading market positions based on sales and reputation.

Many of today’s top padel players, including Fernando Belasteguin, Sanyo Gutierrez, Alejandra Salazar and Elisabeth Amatriain are part of the HEAD Padel family.

The agreement between the FIP and HEAD will allow the affiliated National Federations and Associations to obtain particular benefits and interesting conditions, which can be used for the official Championships and Tournaments.

HEAD will be the “official ball” of the FIP Official Championships for the next three years.

Further information is available in the “sponsors” section and on the HEAD PADEL website.


Draw-lot Qualifying Rounds to the 2018 World Championship

On the afternoon of yesterday, the Draw-lot for the Qualifying Rounds to the 2018 World Championship was held at the offices of the FIP Presidency.

The National Teams pre-registered from Estonia, Great Britain, Norway and Czech Republic, have communicated in the course of the week the decision of not being able to participate in the Qualifying Rounds.

The result of the Draw-lot fot the Qualifying Rounds to the 2018 World Championship has matched the following National Teams:


First preparations for the 2018 Seniors World Championship

Last Saturday, April 28, the Organizing Committee met to visit the sports and hospitality facilities that will host the 2018 Seniors World Championship. The municipalities of Estepona and Benahavis will be the venues of this first edition to be held on the dates of the 8th to October 13, 2018.

During the visit it was possible to verify that all the preparations for this great event are going in a very good direction to live an excellent first edition of the Seniors World Championship, with 14 National Teams registered and with the intention of receiving many “legends” in a fantastic week of padel in Estepona-Benahavis.


Venues and Dates of the Qualifying Rounds for the 2018 World Championship

Next, we publish the new Information Report on the assigned Venues and Dates to the Qualifying Rounds for the XIV World Padel Championship. Associate Members have been requested to confirm their participation in the Qualifying Rounds before the Draw, which will take place next Sunday, May 13. The great event of the world padel will take place in the city of Asunción, capital of Paraguay, and will be held from October 28 to November 4.




Information Report – Venues and Dates – Qualifying Rounds WC 2018 download


Qualifying Rounds for the 2018 World Championship

Next, we publish the Information Report of the Qualifying Rounds for the XIV World Padel Championship which takes into account the decision of the Associate Members through Extraordinary Voting. The great event of the world padel will take place in the city of Asunción, capital of Paraguay, and will be held from October 28 to November 4.




Information Report – Qualifying Rounds WC 2018 download

FIP/NPB Umpire Course

The International Padel Federation, in association with the Dutch Padel Federation ( NPB ) offers for the first time in The Netherlands the Umpire Course. The Umpire Certification enables to lead official International FIP and National NPB Tournaments.


– Individuals that wish to lead National and International Tournaments
– Individuals that wish to develop as National and International Umpire


– Inscriptions open to participants from all over the world
– Participants must apply at their National Padel Federations
– Advanced knowledge of the English Language


International Padel Regulations, its applications and best practices. Four days of intensive theory and practical training, in English language, under supervision of senior international referee. See full program below.

Full program


At the end of the course, participants will be offered an opportunity to take a final exam. Participants that approve the exam shall receive a certificate of approval issued by the International Padel Federation and Dutch Padel Federation. Re-examinations possible at a time and place to be determined by International Padel Federation. All participants will receive a certificate of participation.


17th – 20th May
TV Topspinners www.topspinners.nl
Minister de Savornin Lohmanlaan 25, 7522 AP, Enschede, The Netherlands

INSTRUCTOR: Nayra Ramirez Campos –Spain-

INSCRIPTIONS and INFO: Inscribe at your National Padel Federation. Until 11th May.

COURSE FEE: €295 inc. coffee, tea and Dutch style lunch

FIP500 IX Torneo Internazionale Foro Italico

From the 14th to the 19th of May, Rome hosts the ninth edition of one of the FIP Tournaments with more tradition within the Official FIP Calendar. Organized by the FIT ( Italian Tennis Federation), the Foro Italico of Rome is preparing to live the great week of the FIP500 IX Torneo Internazionale Foro Italico.

The Foro Italico is a sports complex on the outskirts of Rome, built between 1928 and 1938, inspired by the Roman Forum, an emblem of antiquity where the center of the legal and social life of ancient Rome was developed. In its enclosure it contains numerous sport facilities like the Olympic State of Rome, the Stadio dei Marmi and the Stadio del Nuoto, venues that have hosted important sporting events, among which the Olympic Games of Rome in 1960.

The FIP500 IX Torneo Internazionale Foro Italico is held simultaneously with the Internationals of tennis ( ATP & WTA ) turning it into a real party for those who love racquet sports. The passion for padel in the transalpine country does not stop growing and so it is noticeable in a Tournament that every year that passes increases both the number of registrations, public attendance and media coverage.

In the edition of last year, Teodoro Victor Zapata / Jose Antonio Garcia Diestro conquered the Male Category after beating Marcelo Capitani / Manuel Rocafort in the Final. In Female Category, Sara Celata / Sandrine Testud won the tittle against Chiara Pappacena / Martina Lombardi in the Final.

FIP500 IX Torneo Internazionale Foro Italico

FIP500 Male and Female Categories
Date: 14-19 May, 2018
Venue: Foro Italico, Rome, Italy
Registration fee: 25 € x player
End of registration: May 4, 2018
Total cash prizes: € 7500
Official website: Setteo
Contact: [email protected]

Male Registration

Female Registration


FIP500 Asanti & Tibeflex Open

From May 25 to 27, Belgium is preparing to receive one of the reference FIP Tournaments in Europe. Organized by Padel Belgium ( Belgian Padel Federation ) and in the facilities of the Padel 4U2 club in the city of Ghent, the FIP500 Asanti & Tibeflex Open will be held.

After the incredible success of last year, in this edition we take another step. If in 2017 it was disputed as FIP250 in Male Category and FIP100 in Female Category, this year 2018 happens to be computed as FIP500 Tournament in both categories.

 Guga Vazquez / Marcelo Perez & Helena Wyckaert / Barbara Laurent, Champions in 2017

Prizes: the same for Male & Female Categories.

Champions: € 1500 / team
Runners-up: € 1000 / team
1/2 finalist: € 400 / team
1/4 finalist: € 100 / team
1/8 finalist: € 50 / team


– Male Category: https://www.setteo.com/torneos/iv-tibeflex-open-2018

– Female Category: https://www.setteo.com/torneos/asanti-tibeflex-open-2018-4th-edition

Official Club:

Padel 4U2 Gent
Adress: Emanuel Hielstraat 108, 9050 Ghent
Contact: [email protected]

Recommended hotels:

Hotel Ghent River: € 120 / double room with breakfast
Lepelbed: € 115 / double room with breakfast or € 95 / single room with breakfast

Additional information:

– Physiotherapist available during the Tournament
– Live broadcast in the central courtyard
– Transfer service from the club to the hotel ( only recommended hotels )
– Players lounge with fruit and water available