The history of Padel.


“Paddle” was invented in 1962 at Las Brisas, a house owned by Mr. Enrique Corcuera in Puerto de Acapulco, Mexico.

Enrique Corcuera added a 3-metre wall facing the original wall at the other side of the fronton court, a net at the centre and two low walls on the sides of the playing field or “court.”

The size of the court was approximately 10 metres wide and 20 metres long, reflecting an idea that Mr. Corcuera had devised at his house in Estipac, Jalisco, where he used to organise big duck hunts with his friends. In the afternoon, before lunch, they would play in this traditional fronton court that he modified with walls and a tennis net, and already had the current official size.

However, the “official story” (shared by Enrique himself) ignored the fact that the wall facing the original one was built to avoid the small black ball used in the game to bounce into the neighbours’ house after crossing the defensive line, turning it into an annoying game.

It was funny and witty to see that, after the ball crossed the defensive line and bounced off the second wall, the players would keep playing, which became the origin of the game. It was Enrique’s idea to add the net, thus creating this new sport.

Therefore, we can claim that this game called Paddle Corcuera or Paddle-Tennis is what is currently known as padel.


26/10/1988 ArgentinaAsociación Padel Argentino
01/01/1991 SpainAsociación Española de Padel

Agrupación Española de Clubes de Padel (22/09/1993)

Federación Española de Pádel (28/09/1996)

01/01/1991 UruguayAsociación Uruguaya de Padel

Federación Uruguaya de Padel (01/12/1991)

Asociación de Amigos del Pádel (04/04/2000)

19/02/1991 ItalyFederazione Italiana Gioco Paddle
Federazione Italiana Tennis (since 01/01/2011)
01/01/1992 FranceFédération Française de Padel
Ligue National de Padel (10/12/2012)
Fédération Française de Tennis (since 05/08/2015)
27/04/1992 MéxicoFederación Mexicana de Pádel
29/06/1992 ParaguayFederación Paraguaya de Padel
29/10/1992 BelgiumFédération Belge de Padel
Padel Belgium (01/01/2008)
01/01/1993 U.S.A.United States Padel Association
03/07/1993 CanadaPaddle Association of Canada
30/07/1994 BrazilConfederação Brasileira de Padel
27/10/1994 AustriaÖsterreichischer Padel Verband
05/12/2003 PortugalAssociação Portuguesa de Padel
Federação Portuguesa de Tenis (since 01/01/2010)
Federação Portuguesa de Padel (26/04/2012)
01/03/2006 U.K.The Padel Federation (United Kingdom)
British Padel Association (02/04/2014)
20/03/2006 The NetherlandsNederlandse Padel Sport Federatie
Nederlandse Padelbond (01/11/2010)
10/07/2006 SwitzerlandSchweizer Padel Verband
08/05/2008 Australia The Australian Padel Federation
16/10/2009 RussiaRussian Padel Federation
30/10/2009 FinlandSuomi Padel Liitto
18/01/2010 GermanyDeutscher Padel Verband
13/03/2010 SwedenSvenska Padelförbundet
02/11/2010 ChileFederación Deportiva de Padel Tenis
Federación Deportiva Nacional Padle (13/09/2011)
12/05/2011 Dominican RepublicFederación Dominicana de Padel
05/10/2013 LithuaniaLietuvos Padelio Federacijos
15/01/2014 GuatemalaAsociación Deportiva Nacional de Padel de Guatemala
11/07/2014 U.A.EUnited Arab Emirates Padel Association
17/09/2014 Principality of MonacoFédération de Padel de Monaco
21/03/2016 JapanJapan Padel Association


1991-1993: Julio Alegría Artiach (Spain)
1993-1996: Diógenes de Urquiza Anchorena (Argentina)
1996-2000: Diógenes de Urquiza Anchorena (Argentina)
2003-2006: Eduardo Góngora Benítez de Lugo (Spain)
2006-2008: Adilson Hilário Dallagnol (Brazil)
2008-2012: Adilson Hilário Dallagnol (Brazil)
2012-2016: Daniel Alejandro Patti (Italy)
2016-2018: Daniel Alejandro Patti (Italy)
2018-current: Luigi Carraro (Italy)


1. Madrid, Spain, 12 July 1991
2. Madrid, Spain, September 1992
3. Buenos Aires, Argentina, January 1993
4. Acapulco, México, Maand 1993
5. Mendoza, Argentina, October 1994
6. Acapulco, México, May 1995
7. Madrid, Spain, October 1996
8. Barcelona, Spain, November 1997
9. Mar del Plata, Argentina, 22 October 1998
10. México City, México, 16 October 1999
11. Toulouse, France, 30 June 2000
12. México City, México, November 2002
13. Curitiba, Brazil, 19 July 2003
14. Buenos Aires, Argentina, 18 October 2004
15. Badajoz, Spain, October 2005
16. Murcia, Spain, 24 October 2006
17. Buenos Aires, Argentina, 18 October 2007
18. Calgary, Canada, 26 August 2008
19. Sevilla, Spain, 15 October 2009
20. Riviera Maya, México, 30 November and 1° December 2010
21. Melilla, Spain, 19 October 2011
22. Madrid, Spain, 19 December 2012
23. Buenos Aires, Argentina, 31 October 2013
24. Palma de Mallorca, Spain, 24 October 2014
25. México City, México, 19 November 2015
26. Cascais, Portugal, 18 November 2016