RANKING, Tournaments and applications to organize a stage of the CUPRA FIP TOUR 2023

A few days away from the end of 2022, FIP continues to work to improve a year that has been full of changes and successes thanks to the project of a more professional and globalized circuit, being a clear commitment to continue guaranteeing the international expansion of our sport with the correct development of Padel.

The coexistence of the two official circuits, PREMIER PADEL and CUPRA FIP TOUR, provides the largest international ranking so far, over 2000 players from more than 30 countries have international points, which gives the opportunity to all these players to compete against the best, and end the year as the world number 1 pair.


FIP’s purpose facing 2023 is to try that the 64 member federations organize at least one tournament of the CUPRA FIP TOUR. Extending the opportunities to local players who want to make the leap at a professional level and be able to live from their jobs competing.


The deadline to apply to host an event, open to any organizer or club willing to organize a stage, must be sent to the national federation member and, at the same time, ask FIP for the proposed dates to be included in the 2023 calendar.

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