A dynamic, modern and user-friendly tool with a lot of new features: from the new ranking with data and statistics, to the simplified and intuitive map of tournaments and circuits. In the website, there is also the ‘world map’ of each national federation. President Carraro stated: «The new site reflects the sense of freedom, sharing and participation: the real milestones of our philosophy and work»


In conjunction with the official start of the Premier Padel circuit and the Ooredoo Qatar Major in Doha, the International Padel Federation officially launches its new website – – developed in keeping with the philosophy and approach that have been the hallmark of its work, its relations with the Federations of affiliated countries, and the players’ associations. In creating the site, we envisaged a sharing space for the different entities that work in harmony allowing the movement to grow, focusing on the needs of each component, as is the case in all our tournaments around the world.


As such, the new site is characterised by a highly dynamic user experience that allows you to enjoy every competition, championship, tournament, or official circuit of the FIP world in real time.


The player rankings section shows both the men’s, women’s, juniors’ and national rankings of those who compete in official FIP’s competitions will be available online with a detailed ‘individual profile’ for each player. It includes innovative data and statistics that show the performances and scores in each tournament updated as the events unfold. The total scores are collated and a new ranking is posted every Monday.


Players will have a simple and intuitive system for registering for tournaments, thanks to advanced technology software and other new features to be unveiled at a later date. The new calendar consultation system offers a simpler and more dynamic user experience, with a search and ‘filtering’ system by date, circuit, category and much more. The pages dedicated to circuits and individual tournaments instantly offer updated and comprehensive information, for both players and fans.


The pages dedicated to the Federations of the FIP family is particularly detailed and user-friendly: browsable by continent with space dedicated to each country with quick and simple navigation. In each section dedicated to the national Federations, it is possible to view reference data, contacts and to access the relevant Federations home websites thanks to clearly visible links. A streamlined and simple navigation system that includes a Federation world map that displays the coordinates of the countries that take part in our sport.


The news section features an editorial plan that will cover news about Federation activities with an in-depth look at the latest news, features and more from the world of Padel.


«The new Federation’s website makes me particularly proud because in its philosophy, in its creation processes, and in the finely organised simplicity of the sections, it reflects the sense of freedom, sharing and participation that distinguishes the Federation and its competitive activities – said FIP President Luigi Carraro. – Developed in perfect harmony with the players’ and players’ associations, the Federations of the affiliated countries and the institutional and sporting bodies, both local and international, with which FIP closely collaborates in order to grow the movement. Of course, we must not forget about the fans and their passion, without which all this would not be possible».