Foro Italico goes crazy for Totti and Sinner: what a spot for Premier Padel. Francesco: “In July I will be there”

There was a sold out at Foro Italico for Carlos Alcaraz. However, when the rumour that Francesco Totti and Jannik Sinner would be playing on the padel court set up in the site, many fans raced to grab the best seat near the glass. A few games – with Italian players Giulio Graziotti and Michele Bruno -, with the former AS Roma captain and the best Italian tennis player, who will play tomorrow his match of the round of 16 against Francisco Cerundolo. In less than two months, from 10 to 16 July, the second edition of the Italy Major Premier Padel – this year branded BNL – is scheduled at the Foro Italico, and there could be no better occasion to promote an event that will see the world’s best players on site.


Also on the sidelines with Totti will be his partner Noemi and son Cristian. Sinner, on the other hand, in a day’s stop on his way to the Internationals, admitted to enjoying the experience: ‘I had never played padel before, and I think it showed – said Sinner -. But I must say that it is fun. And it was an honour to meet Francesco Totti‘. The former Roma captain, who is a padel habitué, has already promised to be at the Foro from 10 to 16 July, during the days of Premier Padel, a circuit that belongs to the International Padel Federation (FIP) and is supported by the Professional Padel Association (PPA) and Qatar Sports Investments (QSI).


Don’t make the dropshot!” says Totti to Sinner, who instead admits to finding some issues: “With the glass it’s difficult for me!” Francesco and Jannik are miked up, but a fan can also be heard loudly saying: ‘Totti I love you’. Then, Sinner leaves and gives way to Roberto Binaghi. The challenge ignites, the four put on a show and Totti is show within a show: “X3? I won’t do it or my shoulder will fall off!“, then he feigns a back injury before a crazy wall exit, complete with a “no look”.


A love that knows no limits, like Francesco’s love for padel. The one in Rome, by the way, will be the first Premier Padel event also with a women’s draw. Tickets are already on sale, and the goal is a sold out: the same one that was there today, for Totti and Sinner.


“I have been playing for a long time and padel is a beautiful sport, for everyone of all ages, it is fun and challenging” – Totti said at the end in a TV duet with FIP president Luigi Carraro: “Francesco has been a great champion on the court and today he has shown that he is the strongest also in padel!”. Totti spoke also about Sinner: “I always see him on TV, but to see him on the field was exciting. If I will be in the stands at Premier Padel? You’re joking, I will play the Premier, let me know because I have holidays…“. President Carraro concludes on the incredible crowd: “Today we saw so many people following the event. I think about our juniors, the younger guys who were here. This is the magic of padel”.


FIP President Luigi Carraro (Left) Francesco Totti (right)
Francesco Totti
Jannik Sinner
Francesco Totti
Francesco Totti (Left) FIP President Luigi Carraro (Right)
Jannik Sinner (left) and Michele Bruno (right)
Giulio Graziotti
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