first phase complete, quarterfinals on Thursday

November 16, 2023
first phase complete, quarterfinals on Thursday

On Wednesday, November 15th, the third day of matches in the group stage of the FIP Juniors World Padel Championship concluded, featuring exciting challenges that thrilled the audience in Asuncion, which turned out in large numbers to support the teams. The quarter-final lineup has been determined, with the host country, the reigning champions Paraguay (in the men’s tournament), and Argentina (in the women’s tournament) also making it to the next stage.


Here are the details of the men’s and women’s groups:




Group A: By defeating Brazil 2-1, Paraguay secured the top spot in the overall standings with three wins out of three. In the same group, the duel between Uruguay and Ecuador favored the Ecuadorians, who won 2-1. However, the home teams of Paraguay and Brazil will advance to the next round, with Brazil in second place.


Group B: the clash between Argentina and Chile saw the Argentinians prevail 3-0, while Egypt succumbed to Sweden with a score of 0-3. Argentina and Sweden qualified for the quarterfinals in first and second place, respectively.


Group C: Mexico defeated the United States 3-0, and Spain did the same against Portugal. Spain advances as the group leader, followed by Mexico.


Group D: in the highly anticipated clash between Italy and France, both undefeated so far, France emerged victorious with a score of 2-1. In the other group match, Belgium secured a 3-0 victory against the United Arab Emirates. France advances to the second phase as the first, followed by Italy.


Teams will return to the field on Thursday, November 16th, for the second phase. For positions 1-8, Paraguay will face Mexico; France awaits Sweden, Argentina will compete against Italy, and Spain will play against Brazil. For positions 9-16, Ecuador will face the United States; Belgium against Egypt; Chile against the United Arab Emirates, and Portugal against Uruguay.




Group A: in the only match of the group, the women’s national team of Spain defeated the Argentina team 3-0, securing qualification to the next round as the group leader. Argentina also advances to the next round.


Group B: Brazil won 3-0 against the United States, and Sweden also overwhelmed Chile 3-0. The teams qualifying for the quarterfinals are Sweden in first place and Brazil in second.


Group C: Mexico overcame Paraguay 2-1, while Portugal defeated Japan 3-0. Portugal qualifies for the quarters as the group leader, followed by Mexico.


Group D: Egypt beat Ecuador 3-0. In this case, Italy won against France with a final score of 2-1. Italy, at the top of the group standings, and France, in second place, advance to the second phase.


Here are the matches for positions 1-8 in the women’s tournament, also scheduled for Thursday: Spain against Mexico; Italy against Brazil; Sweden against France, and Portugal against Argentina. Positions 9-15 will be determined between Chile; Japan against Egypt; Ecuador against Uruguay, and the United States against Paraguay.