Will it be an all-Spanish affair in Tenerife?

November 10, 2023
Will it be an all-Spanish affair  in Tenerife?
This weekend, in addition to the one in Stratford, a FIP RISE will also be played in Tenerife, with a men’s and a women's draw. Among the men, the players who qualified directly for the main draw are all Spanish, with the exception of Dutchman Robin Sietsma. The top seeds are Alvaro Melendez Amaya (number 66 in the ranking) and José Solano Marmolejo (59), followed on the entry list by Diego Gil (57) and Inigo Jofre (105), the latter having won in Gothenburg with Luis Hernandez Quesada after defeating Gil, who was playing with Jorge Ruiz. Among the women, ten pairs have already qualified for the round of 16, including number 1 seed Julia Polo Bautista (80) and Portuguese Patricia Maria Ribeiro (76). On the other side of the draw, the number 2 seed are Candela Lucendo Millan (number 105 in the ranking) and Carla Serrano Gonzalez (109).