Mari Carmen Villalba leaves padel. Carraro: “Her smile reflects the joy of our sport”

December 6, 2023
Mari Carmen Villalba leaves padel. Carraro: “Her smile reflects  the joy of our sport”

She had announced her farewell in October, with a post on social media. Today, on Day 3 of the Milan Premier Padel P1, Mari Carmen Villalba played her last match in professional padel, conceding (paired with Ana Fernández de Ossó) to compatriots Nuria Rodriguez and Marta Talavan. However, it was only the beginning of the day for the 36-year-old from Malaga—one of the most experienced players in this sport—who later in the evening received tribute from Premier Padel Tour Director, Adel Aref, International Padel Federation President, Luigi Carraro, and her “colleagues.” On the central court of the Allianz Cloud, there was a big celebration, with a long applause from the audience and the enthusiastic cheers of the other athletes, also involved in the tournament. “I was amazed; it was a beautiful surprise“, Mari Carmen said after the celebrations. “I am happy to have experienced this tournament, and delighted for this special celebration” A memory that will accompany her into the new chapter of her life, always connected to the passion she has practiced for a lifetime: “I want to teach padel, and I want to do it worldwide. My intention is to promote this sport everywhere”.


Farewelling Villalba once again is FIP President Luigi Carraro: “Mari Carmen Villalba’s beautiful smile has been a mirror of the joy and passion with which she has interpreted our sport for many years, leaving a mark technically and humanly well represented by the tribute paid to her by the world’s best players on the central court of the Milan Premier Padel”.