FIP Seniors World Padel Championships 2024, 52 national teams at the start in men’s and women’s

March 13, 2024
FIP Seniors World Padel Championships 2024, 52 national teams at the start in men’s and women’s

The incredible success of participation is in the numbers. The same ones that led the board of the International Padel Federation to exceptionally change the format of the FIP Seniors World Padel Championships 2024 – initially planned with 16 participating teams – due to the high number of requests from countries worldwide. Thirty men’s and 22 women’s national teams will take the court: a total of 52 for a record-breaking Championship.


The FIP Seniors World Padel Championships 2024, scheduled from 15 to 20 April in La Nucìa (Alicante, Spain) mark an unprecedented success in terms of participation by virtue of the teamwork of the national federations with the FIP in spreading padel worldwide. It should also be emphasised how the number of participating countries at women’s level is now close to that of men’s, a sign of the commitment of the national federations and the FIP itself on the ‘balancing’ of the two competitive realities in circuit tournaments and team competitions. Now there has been the official announcement of the participating countries at men’s and women’s level that will compete in the team competition – won in the two previous editions played by Spain – and in the ‘Open’ draw.




FORMAT In the men’s competition, there will be a preliminary round with nine European national teams playing on April 13th and 14th: Lithuania, Finland, Netherlands, Croatia, Austria, Hungary, Czechia, Switzerland and Norway, divided into three groups of three teams each, with the first classified going through to the final stage. Then eight groups of three teams and the first of each grouping will advance to the quarter-finals, while the others will compete for the rankings from 9th to 16th and from 17th to 24th place.


The 22 national teams participating in the women’s competition, on the other hand, will be divided into six groups of three and one of four. After the group stage, the first qualified teams compete for positions 1 to 7, the second teams compete for positions 8 to 14 and the third and fourth teams compete for positions 15 to 22. The categories of the tournament for male and female pairs will be Over 35, Over 40, Over 45, Over 50, and Over 55.