FIP Promotion Doha, the French De Meyer and Vanbauce big comeback

The victory for the French Dorian De Meyer and Thomas Vanbauce was a big surprise. In the FIP Promotion in Doha, De Meyer and Vanbauce weren’t even included in the seedings, but in Qatar they were able to amaze everyone, especially considering the period recently lived by De Meyer.


The masterpiece in the final, the one against Xavi Rodriguez Vila and Pablo Tejero Delgado (5), beaten 7-5 6-2, was only the last. Their tournament started with a success due to the withdrawal of the Iranians Nejad and Mohamad, but continued with all victories against the odds: defeat in the round of 16 the number 6 seed pair (the Iranian Roghani and the Spanish Gasca Romero), defeat in the the number 2 seeded (the Qataris Al-Mutawa and Abdulla) and the other French pair formed by Manuel Vives and Julien Seurin, seeded number 4, were defeated in the semifinals.


At home, they are considered “the French Tello and Chingotto” and have recently resumed playing together after the injury suffered by De Meyer, who returned to play after surgery for a pathology similar to that of tennis player Andy Murray, that he had risked making him stop for the rest of his career. Meanwhile, Vanbauce also played with another former tennis champion, the swedish Thomas Enqvist.


Friends off the court for many years, however, Dorian and Thomas couldn’t wait to get back to play padel on the same side of the court, and they showed it in Doha.

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