Mejor Set, official padel court of the International Padel Federation

The FIP, International Padel Federation, and Mejor Set renew their partnership with a multi-year agreement for the supply of padel courts.


At the heart of the agreement between Mejor Set – a brand of the LEDAP group, and world leader in the production and installation of padel courts with over 20 years of experience – and FIP, there is a series of top-level competitive events, including the next European Championships, scheduled from 21 June to 2 July in Krakow, Poland.


The partnership thus confirms the trusting and fruitful relationship between the Federation and Mejor Set. A relationship born in 2020 and developed through the ‘map’ of the prestigious sporting events organized by FIP: from the European Championships to the World Padel Championship, from the Cupra FIP tournaments to the Premier Padel circuit.


Luigi Carraro, FIP president, stated: ‘We must never forget that the real protagonists in our discipline are the players. And it is our task to provide them with the best possible stage, putting them in a position to express the best of their talent. This is the reason why, the Fip’s number one said, ‘we are happy to continue our collaboration with an innovative and market-leading company like Mejor Set, a top partner in terms of court quality, expertise and installation capacity. I would like to emphasise how Mejor Set has accompanied us during years in which the discipline we love has achieved remarkable goals both in terms of amateur and elite practice. We are confident that Mejor Set can contribute to an increasingly widespread distribution of padel courts around the world, counting also on the commitment, enthusiasm and strength of the individual national federations. This is a key point to favour the approach of new generations to our magnificent sport”.


The FIP and Mejor Set will also work as a team in the development of a special ‘FIP edition’ and ‘FIP kids’ padel court to ensure that players around the world can enjoy the same emotions and playing conditions as the most celebrated professionals.



Eno Polo, LEDAP Group CEO: “Our mission is to make padel accessible to everyone, which is why we are happy to continue our partnership with FIP to provide the best padel courts, both at the best professional events and the best padel clubs around the world. Mejor Set was the first company to produce “Full Panoramic” courts for better visibility, especially for tv events, and our research and development team is constantly working to implement new products and technologies that can ensure the best possible experience for both players and audience.”


About Mejor Set

Mejor Set is the world leader in padel court manufacturing and installation. Founded in Alicante, Spain, in 2003, the company offers a wide range of top quality and customizable padel courts all over the world. Mejor Set was the first company to develop the full panoramic padel court, to guarantee a better visibility, especially for televised events. Mejor Set is now present in more than 35 countries, providing the finest padel courts for the best padel events, clubs, private residencies, hotels and resorts. Since 2021 MejorSet is part of LEDAP Grop.



LEDAP, established in 2021, is an international group of padel companies, currently present in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Poland, Spain, Austria, UAE, Germany and the UK. LEDAP operates an extensive network of Padel clubs across those countries and aims to become the world’s leading platform to drive the growth, innovation, digitalization, and professionalization of the sport of Padel. LEDAP strives to make padel available to all and will expand the sport by providing infrastructure and inspiration for all types of padel players.


About the International Padel Federation (FIP)

The International Padel Federation (FIP) is the world governing body of padel, whose goal is to promote all forms of padel worldwide with: 90 Countries, 64 National Federations, + 25 million active players and 500,000 Federated Players. The sport was created in Acapulco, Mexico, by Enrique Corcuera in 1969. It was 32 years later that the FIP was established in Madrid by the legal representatives of the Argentine Padel Association, the Spanish Padel Association and the Uruguayan Padel Association, by means of Public deeds signed before the Notary Mr. Javier Gaspar Alfaro, with the protocol number 2486. We want to bring the worldwide Padel family together into one community, and make Padel a sport that is recognised and played in all the countries of the World.


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