Rocafort and Vasquez, one more trophy

From qualifiers to the final. Breaking the dream of Ruben Cuevas Tornero and Bruno Lopez Garcia, who were not even in the main draw of the FIP PROMOTION Diputacion Malaga, in Torremolinos, were Cayetano Rocafort and Simon Vasquez, the first seed. The Spaniard and the Swedish lifted the trophy, having already won in Gothenburg and after the final lost in Burriana, just to mention the last weeks of the CUPRA FIP Tour.


Players of 16 different nationalities arrived in Malaga: Rocafort and Vasquez didn’t lose a set in the entire tournament, benefiting also of the withdrawal in the semifinals of José Pedro Montalban Martin and José Maria Benavides Ponce De Leon. Lorena Vano and Lorena Alonso De Lera won the women’s draw: the final, unfortunately, was not concluded due to the withdrawal of Aitana Garcia Roman and Alba Perez Momha during the second set.


In the Netherlands it was a great weekend of youth padel, with the FIP PROMISES in Zeist. Among the boys, successes for Belgians Rune Keppens and Abe Callebaut in the Under 14 and Italians Enzo Vista and Antonio Veneziani in the Under 16. Among the girls, instead, triumph for the Italians Vittoria Girardi and Matilde Minelli (Under 14), for Louise Hua and Sarah De Vleeschouwer (Under 16) and for Fleur Bogaart and Kyra Hemskeerk (Under 18).


Cayetano Rocafort (Left) Simon Vasquez (Right)
Lorena Alonso De Lera (Left) Lorena Vano (Right)
Bruno Lopez Garcia (Left) Ruben Cuevas Tornero (Right)
Aitana Garcia Roman (Left) Alba Perez Momha (Right)

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