Back in Sweden, women also on court

Two months after the first FIP RISE, Gothenburg returns to host a stage of the CUPRA FIP Tour. A tournament in the same category will be played this weekend, with 32 pairs in the men’s draw (eight of them from the qualifiers) and 26 in the women’s, who were not on court last April.


Among the men, leading the list of seeded players are the French Benjamin Tison (the highest ranked player, number 59) and the Spaniard Victor Mena (number 65), who as a couple this season have already won the FIP GOLD in Dubai: they are followed in the seeding by another Spaniard – Jairo Bautista – and the Italo-Argentine Facundo Dominguez.


Number 3 seeded two more Spaniards, Pedro Vera and Aitor Garcia: also on court are Cayetano Rocafort and Simon Vasquez, number 7 seeded, winners last weekend of the FIP PROMOTION Diputacion Malaga.


Among the women, Spain’s Lorena Alonso De Lera and Carla Castillo Velarde lead the draw, while on the other side are Swedish Amanda Girdo and Belgium’s Helena Wyckaert. Play will take place at the Bon Padel Arena from Friday to Sunday.

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