Number 2 seeded players win

Jairo Bautista and Facundo Dominguez among men, Amanda Girdo and Helena Wyckaert among women. The number 2 seed lifted the trophy in the FIP RISE in Gothenburg, the first of two CUPRA FIP Tour events scheduled in the Swedish city in a month.


The Spaniard and the Italo-Argentinian won the final defeating (3-6 7-6 6-2) José Carlos Gaspar and Inacio Piotto Albornoz, who had beaten Benjamin Tison and Victor Mena, the number 1 seed, in the semifinals: after losing the first set, they won the second on the tiebreak before dominating the third.


Jairo Bautista and Facundo Dominguez at the award ceremony

Less balanced was the final of the women’s tournament, won 6-3 6-3 by Sweden’s (and therefore host) Amanda Girdo and Belgium’s Helena Wyckaert over Aitana Garcia Roman and Alba Perez Momha.

I am really happy with the victory in the FIP RISE in Gothenburg – said Wyckaert – Thank you Studio Padel for the excellent organisation of the tournament. Me and Amanda are proud of our performance: let’s keep it up“. In Gothenburg, where a FIP RISE was already played in April, they will be back on court again at the end of June.


Amanda Girdo and Helena Wyckaert at the award ceremony
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