the tour is on again in the Netherlands

Two weeks after the tournament in Houten, the Netherlands is once again hosting a FIP RISE, this time in Rotterdam. Two seedings are planned: a mens 32-pairs draw and a women’s 28-pair one, with the top four seeded players getting a bye and playing directly in the round of 16. Among the men, leading the seeding are Italian-Argentinians Denis Perino and Facundo Dominguez, with Sweden’s Simon Vasquez and Daniel Windahl number 2. Also coming back on court, with compatriot Valentino Libaak, Leandro Augsburger (Argentina), last weekend’s winner in Ceuta.


Among the women, on the other hand, the Dutch Marcella Koek and Stephanie Weterings want to win again in front of their home crowd, as they did in Houten. The second seeded pair, An-Sophie Mestach and Helena Wyckaert, come from Belgium.

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